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Immerse yourself in this intense story of vengeful justice, complete with tense music and sound effects to create the ultimate listener experience.


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What's a detective to do when she's caught in the crosshairs of a revenge killer who takes joy in stealing pieces of people? This riveting, fast-paced psychological crime thriller feels like an epic crossover event of Criminal Minds, Law & Order: SVU and 911.


Lock your doors - The Piece Keeper is watching... everyone is a suspect. Detective Claudia Martinez feels eyes on her - often. Though she tries to convince herself that it’s all in her head and no one is really in the shadows lurking… waiting… watching… But once dismembered body parts are discovered on display in highly visible inner-city locations, Claudia begins to worry that someone is stalking her cases and murdering the people affiliated with them. As they inch closer to finding the killer, Claudia slowly realizes that she may be the object of their suspect’s ire when the threats start hitting too close to home. As the killings quickly escalate, her squad must hunt down this vicious predator before the next stolen piece comes from… Claudia.


For those who enjoy it dark... twisty... sexy... and a little humorous.

Stolen Pieces

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