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Before & Afters

A professionally designed piece can REALLY transform the way you are perceived by your future customers! Stay out of Word & Publisher and call me to elevate you marketing pieces!

REDO logo before/after

It was time for some rebranding so I upgraded the logo and all of the print materials.

Frogwash before/after

I upgraded their flyer using all of the same text, better layout.


They went from a full page ad done in publisher to a half page.

Armco Before & After

They needed the same content with an elevated look.

Cranberry Highlands before/after

Same information with an elevated new look.

Mary Kay, Barb Lohnert before/after

Invitation with clip art border to something far more elegant & festive!

Mary Kay, Barb Lohnert before/after

Those Mary Kay bucks needed some work so I put HER on the money!! She looks better than the presidents ;) ("not valid" watermark is shown online only)

Incident 365 before/after

Full page ad in word to 3/4 e-mail size with a shift in focus.

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