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Confessions of a Sane Single Woman (Book I)

Girl meets Boy. Boy wants to release LIVE crickets in her house to entertain her cat.

Girl meets another Boy. Boy enjoys shopping the fragrance section of Victoria's Secret, for himself, more than Girl does.

Girl meets yet another Boy. Boy wants to date her and his current wife - because they're "just friends."

Girl becomes slowly convinced that someone has peed in the dating pool and that every man she meets should be studied by scientists.


Picture the heat of 50 Shades of Grey meets the antics of Girlfriends or Sex and the City as a laugh-out-loud comedy based on one woman's REAL LIFE. Be prepared to laugh and "naughty blush" from these true, unbelievable but relatable experiences.

Soulmate Setbacks: Confessions II

So what exactly do a guy who I’d swear was a cannibal, a grown man dressed like a banana, and the proudly self-proclaimed “Beat Your Meat Specialist” have in common?


Spoiler alert: they have all somehow managed to find me, despite my efforts to hide in a hole under my porch from this dating dumpster fire.


Just when you thought one woman’s savage search for a soulmate couldn’t possibly offer any more insanity, I bring you Confessions II. More dating mishaps and silly life scenarios, more off-the-wall girl chat, more naughty sexploits… but still the same number of suitable prospects. (That number was zero in case you’ve forgotten.)

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"Reads like a collection of short stories with life in between... each belief suspending experience will make you wonder if the dating pool just needs to

be drained and sterilized!"

                                              - Erock (Amazon)

Personalized autographed copies available here.
Also available (unsigned) on Amazon & Kindle.  

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