Girl meets Boy. Boy wants to release LIVE crickets in her house to entertain her cat.

Girl meets another Boy. Boy's rancid breath eats through the car's interior and causes Girl sinus damage.

Girl meets another Boy. Boy wants to date her and his current wife - because they're "just friends."

Girl becomes slowly convinced that someone has peed in the dating pool and that every man she meets should be studied by scientists.


Think 50 Shades of Grey meets Sex and the City or Girlfriends as a laugh-out-loud comedy based on one woman's REAL LIFE? Then you have Confessions of a Sane Single Woman! This is not your typical “boy meets girl and sweeps her off her feet” love story; it’s more of a “bad romance” in which that broom is used to shove me off of a very high ledge! Be prepared to laugh and "naughty blush" from these true, unbelievable experiences that will thoroughly convince you that my ideal mate either doesn’t exist or is stuck in a tree somewhere.

Book II in the Confessions series is coming 8/2022

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