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J.R. Mason

                 J.R.'s writing is so smooth, elegant and relatable, you'll quickly find yourself wishing for a series of her work. By the end, you'll feel more like one of the friends she's calling rather than just a reader from the outside. Loved it!

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A clever creator by day, naughty novelist by night, J.R. Mason penned her memoir series Confessions of A Sane Single Woman and its sequel, Soulmate Setbacks: Confessions II after more than a decade of being single and engaging in a savage search for a soulmate. From there, Mason went on to write the type of book that reflects the murky space where her dark mind resides – a psychological thriller, Stolen Pieces. (Release date TBD)

Mason received her Bachelor of Arts in journalism and mass communication from Cleveland State University and her Master of Arts in advertising/graphic design/public relations from Point Park University. A full-time marketing specialist position, along with running a freelance design company keeps her quite busy and leaves little free time for her guilty pleasures – movies and massages! This Ambridge, PA native also takes joy in playing her trumpet, screenplay writing, travel, outdoor fires on cool nights and reading psychological thrillers.

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