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Soulmate Setbacks: Confessions II

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    Confessions: the series


    Think 50 Shades of Grey meets Sex and the City as a laugh-out-loud comedy based on one woman's REAL LIFE. This is not your typical “boy meets girl and sweeps her off her feet” love story; it’s more of a “bad romance” in which that broom is used to shove me off of a very high ledge! Be prepared to laugh and "naughty blush" from these true, unbelievable experiences that will thoroughly convince you that my ideal mate is probably stuck in a tree somewhere.



    Just when you thought one woman’s savage search for a soulmate couldn’t possibly offer any more insanity, I bring you Confessions II. More dating mishaps and silly life scenarios, more off-the-wall girl chat, more naughty sexploits… but still the same number of suitable prospects. (That number was zero in case you’ve forgotten.)